If you want your business to get noticed and retain more customers, you might be surprised to learn that a t-shirt is the best way to do it. Custom apparel can be more effective than business cards for grabbing people’s attention.

If you buy a pack of business cards and put them on a counter, some might get picked up by customers and some might not. Out of the ones that do end up in customers’ hands, most will likely end up in the trash or amongst other clutter. Now if you think of the lifespan of a custom t-shirt, it ends up taking a much different path.

Out in the Open

Unlike a business card, t-shirts are never stuck in someone’s pocket or wallet. A shirt is always shown to other customers by the wearer.


First, you must consider the nature of your business and how you want to represent it. Ask your colleagues, friends, and family for input. They are the ones that know your brand best and will guide your design decisions better.

You must then make sure the copy, font, and graphics are well coordinated and enhance the overall design of your shirt. Visual images, like a custom logo, will get retained better and more quickly than standard texts and pictures.

Consider putting together a t-shirt design contest if you are struggling to come up with a design. Customers can submit their ideas, and you could pick your favourite three designs. Then, let customers vote for the best one and have that printed. Have a prize for the winner like a gift certificate or some of your products.

Spreading the Message

Business cards are handy for giving out your contact information but are rarely effective at increasing brand awareness. Everyone enjoys getting free stuff and will usually wear a shirt that is given to them, even if it is for promotional purposes. A shirt lets you utilize your customers as walking billboards, giving you exposure to your brand for a minimal cost. Your current customers are likely to go to places and interact with people who are more likely to embrace your business. It can help ensure future sales and positive brand relations.


A t-shirt lasts much longer than a business card could and other types of advertising. Print and digital ads are fleeting and can cost quite a bit to produce. Apparel designs can be outsourced for a reasonable cost, and the design can be used across many forms of advertising. This makes it a cost-effective investment in your business. Custom shirts can also be mass-produced and reasonable prices, and the end product can be used for a long time.

If you want your brand to stick in customers’ minds, then give them a personalized t-shirt. It is more affordable than most other forms of media and more effective. Contact Marantz and Sons to get your business on a shirt and get your message out there fast.