An often forgotten vital design element on custom apparel is typography. How you display lettering affects how engaged your viewer is with the piece. Certain fonts can evoke different emotions and tell your brand’s story with just a glance. There are endless font styles that graphic designers spend years studying. But, you should not let that intimidate you from learning more about them. Here are some of the most important things you should know before selecting a font:


A font conveys messages in more than one way. It uses lettering to spell out words, but its design also conveys an emotion. Whether your custom shirt has a minimalist, text-only design or an interesting graphic with text, you should pick a font that matches the emotions you want people to feel when they see your design. Take the time to list the feelings you want your brand to be associated with, like if you wish to be considered modern, classic, serious, or playful. Keeping these in mind will make your choice easier.

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You will also want to make sure your text is not only beautiful and fitting but also that it is legible. Consider where the design is going and the size of it. Intricate fonts can be difficult to read if they are too small and thick font can be overwhelming if it is sized too large.

Font Guide

Now that you have an idea for what type of fonts to look out for, you should learn more about the characteristics of fonts. Here are the different properties of fonts and the best use for each:


This classic form of typography has been around for as long as typed print. Fonts with serifs have small flicks on the ends of its letters. It looks timeless, but it does not usually look great on a digital display or for a heading. Serifs suit traditional, prestigious brands like a university or newspaper. They make it easier to read typeface, which is why they are often used for bodies of text. If you like the look for your brand, consider Baskerville, Quattrocento, or Noto Serif.

Sans Serifs

Sans means without so sans serifs means without serifs. These fonts started becoming popular along with digital technology. Since fonts that are sans serifs do not have little flicks and, instead, have ends with clean lines. They are easier to read in a heading than serif fonts are and give off a modern vibe. For this look, use Average Sans, Source Sans Pro, or Open Sans.


These fonts are characterized by connecting letters that flow together. They can look like handwritten text, which gives the design a personal feel. There are both formal and casual scripts to choose from. Formal scripts look elegant and graceful, while casual scripts are contemporary and playful. These fonts can be difficult to read if the portion of the text is too long or too short. You should never use scripts if your copy is in all caps, as it can be too difficult to read. If you want to use a script font, consider Sacramento, Damion, Allura.

The best way to choose the right font for your shirt is to compile a few different designs and see which one looks the best. For recommendations on the font for your custom shirt, contact Marantz and Sons. We have been providing customized printing solutions to people in Regina and Winnipeg for many years now. Call us today for a quote.