There are countless ways for you to advertise and promote your business that will help you get ahead and get the word out. One surefire way to get attention is through T-shirts. You can successfully promote your business with T-shirts in many ways, and while not as glamorous as an advertisement online or television, it can really help get your brand out there and keep you in the minds of the T-shirt’s new owner. If you have your own design, then that’s great, but if you need one then our design team is happy to help you create one that will be eye-catching and help your business grow!

Hold a Contest

If you are a new business, or if you have changed your logo and want people to know the new you, then you should hold a contest. You can offer prizes that include things you sell or the services you provide or other things related to your business, and every winner or entrant can receive a free T-shirt. You can announce the winner on social media, your website, and even contact local press; many local newspapers will cover a contest that you are having. Once you hand out your T-shirts, they will be a reminder for those who own them about your business as well as free advertising when they wear the shirt around town.

Dress Staff in T-shirts with Your Logo

Getting professionally made T-shirts with your company logo and website on them makes for a great uniform. Your staff will look smart, and it will be very easy to send them out to the street to drum up some business when your logo is decorating them. If you do trade shows, events, fairs, or other community days, having your staff, all wearing company T-shirts will help people locate your booth and will let people know who to talk to regarding your products.

Become an Event Sponsor

Whether you sponsor a 5k, a non-profit, or a community sports team, you can go to the event, decked out in shirts, and promote your business. If the event allows, you can also hand out T-shirts to participants, as well as samples from your business, to try and attract customers. Your company gets some good will promotion, and people will wear your shirts in public and get you some promotion well after the event is over.

Bundle Your T-shirts

If you are selling something popular, then you can give away T-shirts with that item in a bundle. People love freebies, and even if they think they won’t wear your T-shirt out, if you make it attractive enough then they will (even if it’s just to the gym). The more people who wear your T-shirts, the more promotion you get for your business!

Promote Your Business with T-shirts from Marantz and Sons

If you need T-shirts for your business, all across Canada and the territories, then contact us at Marantz and Sons for all your T-shirt printing needs. No matter if you live in Winnipeg, Regina, Toronto, or St. John we can help you promote your business with well-designed T-shirts that capture attention. Contact us today.