Advertising can be a costly expense for businesses of any size. Entrepreneurs are now turning to different mediums to get their brand out there. Insulated mugs, BPA-free bottles, plastic cups, and acrylic drinkware are efficient and cost-effective canvases to print your company logo. There are endless objects you could choose to brand, but a liquid container has more practical uses than most.


People will get an up-close look at your logo rather than seeing it for a second on a billboard, which is also costly. You could also add a slogan or photo to keep people staring longer. Mugs are even more widely used by people providing more exposure to the business brand.

Improved Sales

The more people that use a product with the company logo, the more trustworthy that brand appears. Consumers typically intentionally choose which brands they use on a regular basis. Even if they got the mug for free, it still looks like an intentional decision to use your logo on a regular basis.

Increased Loyalty

Offering gifts for returning customers makes them feel valued and encourages loyalty. Something as small as a coffee tumbler can leave a lasting positive impact. Your brand becomes associated with feel-good emotions. This feeling translates to referrals and increased traffic to your store or website.


A permanent fixture, like a mug, sticks around longer than a video or print advertisement. These ads are also quite costly and are only temporary measures. A product with your logo on it will remain as long as the product is there.


Putting a logo on a physical item requires far less planning and thought than designing and developing an advertising campaign. Just contact a vendor, supply them with your logo, and they can take care of the rest. You will get your product in a reasonable amount of time and distribute it however you want.

Here are the different ways you can distribute your mugs:

Employees – Give your team a sense of pride in the work that they do for your company and have them proudly display your logo with every sip they take of their coffee or tea. Giving them logoed mugs will also promote the brand among their friends and family.

Customers – Free products are always a hit with consumers, no matter how big or small. Drum up excitement in your brand at a grand opening or as part of a promotion by giving out something your customers are likely to use and not just toss aside.

B2B promotion – Vendors that frequent your business also frequent other companies. Let them be your walking billboard by offering a mug with your logo on it. Your brand will gain further reach and visibility through a person who is not even directly linked with your company.

Community events – Handing out logoed products at a community event will put your brand in the hands of local consumers. They will, at the least, become familiar with your brand and consider it the next time they need an item you sell.

Investing in logoed items that people use on a regular basis, like coffee mugs, lets other people do the advertising for you. Not everyone will sit through a commercial or pay attention to a print ad, which is expensive to produce anyway, but most people will notice the logo on their friend or family member’s mug. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to spread your brand far and wide at a fraction of the cost of most advertising. Contact us to know more.